Teen Charged After Livestreaming Fatal Crash (Video)
When I first watched this horrifying video, I didn't want to believe it was real.  Let me re-phrase that; I was hoping it wasn't real.  It turns out, the 18 year old Californian responsible for the deadly crash that killed her sister and injured another, rea…
Which 2 Of Our Upstate NY Towns Are Considered Safest?
We live in such a beautiful area, but crime happens. Because of that crime some of our beautiful towns aren't as safe as the others. It turns out two of our towns are in the Top 20 of the "Safest Places In Upstate New York," according to FBI crime data.
Barrel Saloon in Albany to Close
Before you jump to conclusions, business is good. In fact, co-owners Chris Pratt and Alessio Depoli have said they've made money on the establishment. So, why sell?
New “Snap Map” Poses Danger to Snapchat Users
Social media can be a scary situation for parents especially when they keep updating and changing everything about each app and service.
Snapchat is the latest to cause a commotion and that is with their new "Snap Map."
KKK Event Fliers Found Upstate and What You Need to Know
It's not every day that you head outside and find a flier for something as ridiculous as the Ku Klux Klan. Especially when it's relabeled itself as the "Kool Kids Klub" and is trying to recruit you, but it happened in the town of Northville.
Lost Diamond Found by TSA Officers at Albany International Airport
The feelings you have going through the TSA check points on your travels are mutual to your fellow travelers. Take the shoes off, sweatshirt/jacket, take the lap top out, let them know about the medication you have (yes, I promise that's just my inhaler), take off all of your jewelry and hope that i…

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