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Yankees And Red Sox Rekindle The Rivalry Today
This is a great baseball weekend because the Boston Red Sox will celebrate Fenway Parks 100th Birthday by hopefully getting swept by the New York Yankees. Neither team has started out that hot, but none of that matters when these rivals face off.
Pettitte Heading Back To Yankees
I just heard that Andy Pettitte announced on Friday that he is ending his retirement and is heading back to the New York Yankees.  So to confirm, I headed to the Yankees website and there it was:  Pettitte comes out of retirement, joins Yanks.
Joba Chamberlain Will Be At The Center For Disability Telethon
As anyone that's EVER met me knows I am a rabid New York Yankees fan. So it is my extreme honor to inform you number 62 Joba Chamberlain will be joining us right here in the Capital Region for the 52nd Annual Center For Disability Services Telethon on Sunday, January 29th.
MLB Post Season Starts Today
162 games in the book and we've only just begun. October is where legends are made! Who will step up and pitch lights out? Who will hit a towering home run to win a key game? Most importantly what team will rise up and become the World Champions...
CC Sabathia Perfect Until The Rains Came – Levack Rant [AUDIO]
There are rules in the sports world! You may think they are silly superstitions but to me and my people they are a huge part of the game. If your team always wins when you wear a certain shirt, YOU HAVE TO WEAR IT EVERY GAME, never call a game a sure win and NEVER say somebody is pitching a perfect …
Respect for The Red Sox – Levack Rant [AUDIO]
In today's Couch I tell you why the Rays need a new stadium and do the unthinkable. Something you rarely hear, I pay respect the Boston Red Sox. It is a poor excuse for a baseball fan that can't acknowledge a talented team. So I admit they are good but I still don't like them...

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