Sam Hunt Invites Cam On Stage to Duet ‘Burning House’ [Watch]
Cam is spreading like wildfire throughout the country community.  No pun intended.  I feel like the only thing hotter than her right now is Sam Hunt!  So, imagine how exciting it must have been to be in the audience when Sam invited Cam up on stage to perform her fast rising single, &…
Monday, October 19, 2015 – Super 7a
1. This weekend, Saturday Night Live was hosted by an old cast member who has been recovering from a car accident a year ago.  Who was it?
a - Tracy Morgan
2. We are a couple of days into the Major League Baseball playoffs, which 2 teams are competeing for the National League Title...
Relive Our Interview With Tim McGraw In Nashville [VIDEO]
This was the thrill of a lifetime. I know there are probably thousands of women out there who would like to bash me over the head and take my place next to him. I guess the next best thing would be for you to see the interview we did before the American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville.

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