This 2015 Movie Mashup is Absolutely Everything [Watch]
Someone took clips from the year's biggest movie trailers, and combined them all into one nine-minute video called "Final Cut 2015 - A Movie Trailer Mashup" and it's soooooooooo good!
Some of the movies are ones that I've seen and it's cool to see them in th…
Check Out The Ultimate Movie Phone Call [VIDEO]
If you love movies, you will love this ultimate movie phone call conversation! See if you can name all the movies in order before you look below the video. I have them all listed for you!
Here are the movies in order of appearance:
Burn After Reading
The Matrix
Die Hard With A Vengeance
Before You Go See Magic Mike XXL You Must Watch This [Watch]
Look, I'm not proud of it.  I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but I'm kinda excited about Magic Mike XXL.
But, I'm not alone, you are prob gonna go see it too!
The sequel to the hit film pops into theaters this week and I'm ready to see if Channing Tatum still has the m…
Hallmark Strikes Again
In December, Sean, Richie and I all had a moment bonding over binge watching Hallmark movies.  Turned out we were not alone!
My parents were doing it, my sister and her husband were doing it, and once we brought it up on the air, tons of listeners called in to tell us that they were addicted, to…
How Do Movie Stars Lose All That Weight For Roles? [Watch]
Sometimes I watch TV or a movie and I think (as I pound my Ben & Jerry's) "Damn, I wish I was just hot like Beyonce... she doesn't even need to try. She's just perfect."
Well, apparently it's not as easy as I thought. They're all pretty hungry all th…
Amazing 2014 Movie Mashup [Must Watch]
This film mashup is beautifully edited. It's 8 minutes long, and it seems to fly by! Some brilliant editor made a trailer of all the epic films that were released in 2014.
How many of them can you name?

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