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Marshall, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
We may not be in peak movie season, gearing up for Thanksgiving, but there are still moves coming out each weekend and some you should see and some you should skip. Lights Camera Jackson can walk you through which is which.
mother!, A Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Two big movies coming out this weekend and thankfully Lights Camera Jackson let us know if we should see one, both, or get a movie at home instead. Also, one of your favorite action stars is retiring.
It, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Every week, Lights Camera Jackson has the best movies coming out and after the pitiful week the movies had last weekend, we're hoping this weekend is a little better with "It" and "Home Again."
Dunkirk, A Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
One of the movies isn't even out yet and it's already getting a ton of buzz. Don't worry, Lights Camera Jackson will be able to tell you if the buzz is right or if it's a movie you could skip.
Lights Camera Jackson: Behind the Screens 5/12 [AUDIO]
Every Friday we have the best critic that movies have to offer, Lights Camera Jackson, and he tells us about the movies to see, movies to skip and behind the scenes insight from Hollywood that you can't get anywhere else.