It’s Opening Day In Baseball, Sort Of [RANT]
It's that time of the year that many of us here at GNA are excited about, Baseball season! I know that Jeff Levack and I are pumped to start trash talk all the Red Sox fans out there because as Yankee fans, that's what we do, it's in our blood.
Pettitte Heading Back To Yankees
I just heard that Andy Pettitte announced on Friday that he is ending his retirement and is heading back to the New York Yankees.  So to confirm, I headed to the Yankees website and there it was:  Pettitte comes out of retirement, joins Yanks.
This Is Why I Love Major League Baseball [VIDEO]
There is just something about baseball that brings out the best in it's true fans. I'm not talking about booze hounds that go to get loaded and fight. I mean parents and their kids, people that go to witness history and all around lovers of America's Past Time...