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Monday, July 27, 2015 – Super 7
1. Yesterday Bobbie Kristina Brown died at the age of 22, who was her famous mother?
a - Whitney

2. Over the weekend, British cyclist Chris Froome won the Tour de France.  What sport are we talking about?
a - bicycle racing

You Want To Know Why Blake And Miranda Split?
Blake and Miranda have split after four years of marriage. I think all of their fans including me are saddened by this news. Nobody wants to see a relationship fail, and we all loved them together. This of course brings the big question to everyone's mind, why?
Are These 8 Reasons To Fight Behind Blake and Miranda’s Split?
With the news today that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert filing for divorce, it made me wonder about all celebrity marriages.  And then I jumped immediately to the differences between celebrity marriages and "civilian" marriages.
The reasons that Blake and Miranda couldn't make it work ar…

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