Why People Hate Millennials
We talked to Kristi Gustafson Barlette this morning about my generation. Apparently my biggest problem about being a millennial is the fact that I enjoy my avocado toast? That can't be it, right?
Don’t Get Scared, This Show is Coming Back!
I don't mind being scared in certain circumstances. If I paid for a Haunted House, scary movie or adrenaline-inducing ride, it's expected but why would I want to bring up my biggest fears for no reason?
Millennials Apparently Now Hate Something New
I love when I see posts that start "Millennials..." and say whether we do this, that, or another. As a millennial, I have to click on it. I love hearing news stations telling me what I like or dislike and according to this new one, I hate food, eating and groceries. Does that …
Are These Really the 9 Reasons Millennials Won’t Have Babies?
This morning we talked about this incredible article from that is spreading around the internet like a freaking wildfire.  It's all about the many reasons millennials are choosing not to have children, and I think it's really interesting and quite telling...