Men Answer Relationship Questions [VIDEO]
Sure ladies, sometimes we want to know what is going on in a man's head or WE THINK we know what's going on up there... but we are probably VERY wrong.
Why are men afraid of commitment? What's the right age to get married? When do you want to have kids...
Men: How Average are You? – As Heard on WGNA
This morning we talked about a study that has a lot of men standing up a little taller today.
A team from King's College London analyzed the "junk" measurement data from more than 15,000 men in 17 different studies.  The key to ALL of those studies is that doctors measured…
Surprising: 10 Things Men Like to Talk About
So, we always hear about men thinking about sex all the time.  Like every 6 seconds or something, right?  So, I just assumed it would be number one on a list of things men like to talk about.  But it's not!
A new survey asked men to name their favorite subjects to talk about, and …
Men Spend 56 Minutes Every Day In Front of a Mirror!
According to a new survey, the average guy spends 56 minutes every day looking at himself in the mirror!  Really guys?  Come on!  The average woman only spends 43-and-a-half minutes every day looking at herself!
I didn't believe it until I saw how it breaks down...
Differences Between a Girl & a Woman
I stumbled on an article on Just My Type this morning and what I love about it is how it points out the multiple differences between a girl and a woman when dating a guy.
15 Ways Men are Like Christmas Trees
On my way to work I have been noticing lots of Christmas trees that have been kicked to the curb.
It really got me thinking... in what other ways are men like Christmas trees?
Here's what I have come up with...
1. Most are around 6 feet tall

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