This 2015 Movie Mashup is Absolutely Everything [Watch]
Someone took clips from the year's biggest movie trailers, and combined them all into one nine-minute video called "Final Cut 2015 - A Movie Trailer Mashup" and it's soooooooooo good!
Some of the movies are ones that I've seen and it's cool to see them in th…
Amazing 2014 Movie Mashup [Must Watch]
This film mashup is beautifully edited. It's 8 minutes long, and it seems to fly by! Some brilliant editor made a trailer of all the epic films that were released in 2014.
How many of them can you name?
Happy Un-Valentine’s Day! [Watch] This Broken Heart Mash-Up
I love this medley of breakup songs from over the years!  And these musicians are unbelievable!  If you have a broken heart, or if you like music, or history, you'll love this!
The Collective Credenza is a co-op of musicians from New York who make awesome youtube videos!  T.…