What Celebrities Paid For Their Jewelry [VIDEO]
There's a lot of unemployment in this country.  There's so much poverty in certain areas that we sometimes resemble a third world nation.  And then you have the opposite end of the spectrum- rich celebrities spending huge bucks on "bling" , and some of them aren…
Danny Gokey Is Engaged
Congratulations, Danny Gokey! During a recent interview with FOX News — on which the ‘American Idol’ alum appeared to discuss his charity efforts through his organization Sophia’s Heart — Gokey was overjoyed while talking about his engagement to girl…
Sick Of Your Husband? Sell Him On Craigslist!
I've been looking at Craigslist lately.  It's a great service.  I like it better than that big auction site (you know the one) I was thinking of putting some stuff up on there.  But I hope Dorrie doesn't get any ideas from this lady!

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