Bethany’s Vintage Kitchen Takeover [The Plan] – Sponsor
Bub and I are on a journey to renovate our 1930's bungalow and we're ready to take on the biggest challenge!  The kitchen!
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Three important things to know ---
1 - Bub and I are doing all of the labor ourselves...
Bethany’s Vintage Kitchen Takeover [Part 1]
If you've followed the saga of our attempt to purchase a 1930's bungalow, then you know that it's been a long road!  There was trouble with our bank and we ended up homeless for a month! (Meaning we stayed in cheap hotels while everything we owned lived in our friend's garag…
McDonald’s Restaurants To Get Big Makeover [VIDEO]
Your local McDonald's may look a bit different the next time you stop in for lunch or dinner. If you like the looks of your favorite coffee shop like Starbucks, McDonald's are going to be going for the same look as they plan on dropping $1 Billion to redecorate restaurants nationwide.