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How Luke Bryan’s 5 Little Words Humbled Me
A short time after our hire here at WGNA, audio began circulating about things I said on another station about Luke Bryan and he found about it.  I had tremendous angst over it and even sent him an apology, hoping he would see it and hear me out. Not only did he see it, he addressed it with me …
Meet Brett Eldredge’s Best Friend [PHOTO]
I noticed a long time ago how most country artists can't be on the road without their furry friends. This past weekend at the Luke Bryan show, two out of the three artist had their dogs with them. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Edgar Eldredge.
Win Luke Bryan Meet and Greets
Luke returns to SPAC this Saturday, and Brian & Chrissy in the Morning have your chance to compete for passes to meet him with their 'Luke 'Bry'athlon.
YouTube Data Shows Glens Falls and Adirondacks Love Country Music
The New York Times has grabbed data from YouTube and compiled a list of the most popular songs for each area of Upstate New York. As I'm sure you can predict, it isn't all country music. In fact, most of our area seems to be loving them some hip hop and rhythmic tracks, however, country di…

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