The 5 Best Ways to Flirt (Scientifically Proven)
There are always dumb studies to try to figure out if potatoes can fly, or if left-handed people have a favorite toe, but rarely is there a study that will actually help you hook-up!
The Week did a study and concluded that there is more to flirting than just looking good...
New Bra Only Comes Off When You’re In Love
If Tequila makes your clothes fall off, don't worry, girls!  I've got a new bra for you!  It will only come off if you are in "true love"!
A company in Japan has created a new BRA that only opens when you're around "the one"!
The bra clasp i…
Second Graders Explain Falling In Love
My daughter is in second grade and I can tell she's just starting to try and figure things out.  She'll say "ewwwwww" when daddy and I kiss, she'll ask "mom, what are they doing" when people on TV are kissing, and in the car the other day she e…
31 Things That Make You Feel Great
1. Falling in love
Butterflies in your belly, a constant smile on your face, anticipation, excitement - nothing beats it!
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts
Those moments when you and your friends are laughing so hard your cheeks are in pain...
Craigslist Missed Connections – Let’s Help These Local Folks Out
Craigslist offers us a variety of different, free, services... job postings, free stuff for pick-up, apartments to rent, garage sale listings, etc... My favorite feature on Craigslist is the missed connections section!
I was reading a story in the news today about a young lady who shared a special NY…
What Weird Things Turn You On?
An article by recently caught my attention - 4 Weird Things That Turn Women On... hmmmmm... what could they be?  I'll give you the list, with a little of my own commentary!
1.  Body Odor.
I guess just smelling like a man, smelling natural, is enough for most women...

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