Love Story

Hallmark Strikes Again
In December, Sean, Richie and I all had a moment bonding over binge watching Hallmark movies.  Turned out we were not alone!
My parents were doing it, my sister and her husband were doing it, and once we brought it up on the air, tons of listeners called in to tell us that they were addicted, to…
Taylor Swift By The Numbers
Artists are now campaigning for votes for the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 3.   I was quite impressed when I received Taylor Swift's press kit stacked with stats about why she deserves my vote.
CMA Interviews-Taylor Swift
What's Taylor's advice to the young girls who dream of being the next Taylor Swift?  I think you'll like her answer!  Jake Thomas and I had the chance to meet the young superstar in Nashville at the 2010 CMA Awards, check out this interview!