A Peak Inside Our Listeners’ Lives
You've all seen the thing going around on Facebook where someone asks their friends to post the 9th or 12th photo on their phone, right?
Well, this morning Marissa and I thought it would be super fun to ask our listeners, (a.k.a. our friends) to post the 7th picture (get it, 7, cause 107...
Here’s How You Can Help 2 WGNA Listeners
Are you feeling like doing something nice for someone tonight?  Maybe you're looking for a way to pay it forward tonight?
This week a couple of my favorite WGNA listeners reached out to me and asked me to help them out.  Both are going through a really tough time, and if you have a cou…
Your Ways To Stay Warm
After I got a call from a guy who was sitting next to a fireplace,  I opened up a comment on my Facebook account, while on Cryin', Lovin' or Leavin', about it being cold and I asked what people are doing to keep warm, tonight.
You Me And A Blog
Welcome back to WGNA.COM. You may have noticed some changes since the last time you were here. One thing is our blogs. It's a great way for us as air personalities to share a little more of ourselves and what's important to us, with you.