Things You May Have Learned Too Late In Life
When I was little I thought that the music coming out of the radio was being performed live in the radio studio every time!  Boy, I thought those bands were tired!
Also, I thought that 4 wheel drive meant that each of the people seated in the sedan had their own steering wheel...
“Bad” Foods That ARE Good For You
Like many pre-conceived notions, you are told to avoid something, such as a particular food, because it is bad for you.  However, we are slowly learning, and I emphasize "slowly," that many things aren't bad for you in small doses.
Older Brides — What Does It Mean?
According to the Census Bureau Wednesday, almost half of women between the ages of 25 and 29 have never been married, which is apparently up about a quarter when compared to the same age group, 25 years ago.