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Lee Brice & Caden Sing ‘I Drive Your Truck’
The very first song I remember Caden loving was "I Drive Your Truck," by Lee Brice. He would sing it in the car and with his mom and they would dance in the house together when it would come on, so you can only imagine what this moment meant to us.
My First Countryfest: In Words & Pictures
I made a list and checked it twice the evening before the big day. I couldn't forget any of the essentials: phone charger, a brush, an extra pair of clothes, a sharpie, my inhaler for the moment that Charles Kelley inevitably steals my breath away...ya know, essentials.
Sean And Bethany Talk To Countryfest Headliner Lee Brice [AUDIO]
I am so excited just one sleep away from WGNA's Countryfest 2016. The build up over this last week has been so much fun and Bethany and I got to talk to every one of the performers on the show this week. If you missed them I know we are planning on replaying most of them tomorrow morning during our …
Your Countryfest Weather Forecast From Steve Caporizzo [AUDIO]
News 10 ABC meteorologist Steve Caporizzo, as you know, has been doing the weather on WGNA for, well, forever, and every Thursday morning he joins us live for Pet Connection, so I took the opportunity today to ask him about the weather for Countryfest. There has been talk of rain and talk of sun, bu…
New Music from Our Countryfest Headliner: Lee Brice?
The songs are written, the recording process is about to start up as Countryfest headliner, Lee Brice is currently going through all of the songs he's narrowed it down to to uh, narrow it down even more. But, does this mean we'll get to

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