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Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity [VIDEO/NSFW]
Kevin Bacon recently posted a (fake) PSA about the serious lack of male nudity in Hollywood. Sure, there is a lot of female nudity in films, but almost none from men (unless you are talking about Kevin Bacon). He says in the PSA:
Hi, I'm Kevin Bacon...
Kevin Bacon Schools Us in 80’s Pop Culture [watch]
Were you born after 1985?  Well, Kevin Bacon has a message for everyone who was - you have no idea what it was really like to grow up in the 1980's.
Kevin covers how difficult it was to ask a girl out before the internet, how scary Russia really is, and how comfortable Parachute pants reall…
Kevin Bacon Joins FOX’s Fall Line Up
Fox is the latest to announce their Fall TV lineup. There are a few shows I am really excited about, one of which is what they are calling "the new 24" starring Kevin Bacon.
Facebook — The Art Behind Friend Requests
As much as I find it exciting to get new friend requests on Facebook, I sometimes wonder what prompts a person to find me, or anyone for that matter, on Facebook.  Most times one can assume, and I'm sure you've done the same, as to the reason behind certain friend reque…