10 People Most Likely to Receive a Raise This Year
Is it just me, or are raises few and far between?  I think in my whole life I've only gotten one raise.  Usually I have to find a new job in order to get a salary increase.
And, is that the way employers really want it to be?  Would they rather lose good people and have to train n…
Sonic Is Holding A Job Fair This Week – Bring Your Skates!
By now you have probably heard that Sonic Drive Thru will soon be opening it's first location in the Capital Region in Latham in June, with more set to open in the area. So according to New 10 ABC's website, they are having a job fair today through Saturday in an effort to hire 100 full an…
The 10 Most and Least Stressful Jobs [List]
There are all these studies that come out ranking jobs and we always joke around in the studio that "DJ" or "Radio Personality" or "Broadcaster" is never on any list!
So, when I saw that we had finally made it to a "list" I was e…
Is A Fast Food Job A “Real Job”? POLL
He's a Judge in Montana.  He's District Judge G Todd Baugh.  I guess he has no filter.  He should see if he can find one!  Check out what he (allegedly)  said in a courtroom, no less, and then I have a poll question.

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