Amazing Apple Commercial – Happy Holidays 2013
You know by now that I love a great ad!  Here's one from Apple, know throughout history for having dynamic advertisements.
Everyone knows a teenager, or young adult who is always on her, or his, phone!  So, everyone can relate to this Christmas ad-
Amazing Artist Paints With One Finger on IPad!
I've never seen anything like this!  But not many of us have! It's rather new technology.  An artist from the United Kingdom creates beautiful art pieces using an app, one finger, and a whole lot of time!
Thankfully he records his sessions and posts them on youtube...
The Boombox Is Making A Comeback Thanks to the iPad [AUDIO]
Remember the boombox?  That huge, obnoxiously loud , rather expensive piece of equipment that folks used to rest on their shoulders while walking down the street?  Can you even imagine carrying that thing around today?  Well, maybe if it was lighter and more portable it would be marke…

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