Who Does the Most Housework at Your House?
A new poll found 56% of fathers say they split household chores and responsibilities equally with their wives.  Which is great!  Except it might not be true.  Because 50% of mothers disagree, and say they definitely do more.  Sooooo, what is really going on...
The Future of Tools [VIDEO]
My tool chest is probably the most frustrating possession. I could have 400 different "devices" in there, and it never fails to deprive me of the one that I need when the crucial moment arrives!
Who Does More Chores At Home – Men or Women? [AUDIO]
This might be the oldest argument ever - who contributes more around the house when it comes to the "menial task" department?   Men of course will say MEN, women say WOMEN, and never the twain shall meet!  But I think we all know the real answer.  Let's get REAL…
Santa’s Elves And Clever Kids
My twelve year old son wants a "Droid" Cell Phone for Christmas. I said, "Really Son? That is a pretty big thing to wish for." He replied with a smirk, "Not really cus I still believe in Santa Claus."