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OK Give Me Your Best Line: Today In Saratoga It Will Be So Hot..
As I was going through my news feed this morning one of my friends posted this line. I immediately started to post my suggestions. They are not all winners but not everybody is when we are talking about the track!
So think about Saratoga and all it has to offer and about all the people braving the he…
Horse Wins Race After Throwing Jockey [VIDEO]
As Saratoga season gets closer my mind has shifted to horse racing. Yesterday something pretty amazing happened, a horse threw it's jockey out of the gate and went on to win the race. What's even crazier is it happened TWICE yesterday!
Top 5 Saratoga Area Attractions
As tourists prepare to trek to Saratoga Springs, New York for the summer season, we've compiled a helfpul list of the Top 5 Saratoga Area attractions. Please add your Saratoga suggestions in the comment section below.

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