Hometown Heroes

Community Servant of Troy a ‘Hometown Hero’
This week's "Hometown Hero," Adrienne Wilson, works to bring a sense of community to Troy. Fittingly, her nominator listed her occupation as a "community servant," reflecting the time and energy she puts into where she calls home.
She is driven to improve the …
Guilderland Girl Scout Leader a ‘Hometown Hero’
Melissa Rosenthal-Dubin has been leading a troop of Girl Scouts for the past several years, showing passion for her troop and for her community.
When she's not helping her girls earn badges, the Guilderland resident also owns her own business and is raising four kids of her own...
Lyme Disease Advocate a ‘Hometown Hero’
Kerry Lawler of Watervliet is this week's "Hometown Hero." She earned this title because of her work as a Lyme disease advocate after being diagnosed with the disease herself.
Kerry makes herself available to those who have Lyme disease and need help with what they ar…
Director of Albany’s Cure The Violence a ‘Hometown Hero’
Clarence Jackson, of Albany, is the Director of Cure The Violence, an organization that works to protect the community and keep violence off the streets by hosting awareness events and rallies.
Clarence used his own personal experiences to start a movement in Albany to encourage a peaceful environmen…

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