Happy Un-Valentine’s Day! [Watch] This Broken Heart Mash-Up
I love this medley of breakup songs from over the years!  And these musicians are unbelievable!  If you have a broken heart, or if you like music, or history, you'll love this!
The Collective Credenza is a co-op of musicians from New York who make awesome youtube videos!  T.…
Presidential Beer History
In observance of President's Day we take a look back at how much those who have held the office of President appreciated beer. As a matter of fact, beer was considered safer than water when the Pilgrims arrived, and they landed where they did because they were running out of beer.
World Trade Center Construction Time-Lapse [VIDEO]
I found this really cool video of the construction of the new World Trade Center. It's time-lapse from the beginning of construction to now. It's cool to see the progress happen so fast. The video takes place over the last six years. It starts slow then takes off...

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