Local Drive-In Gives You Outdoor Movies, with a Twist
There's never a summer that goes by where I don't make at least one stop at a drive-in theatre. Usually, you'd get to see the brand new movies but for a cheaper price and from your car. This Greenville drive-in is similar, but with a twist.
Greenville Family Tries to Find Owner of a Missing Wedding Ring
Katrina Caldwell and her fiancé went to Walmart in Glenmont Saturday night.  They were browsing the store and trying on gloves when all of the sudden her fiancé felt something inside one of the gloves.
He took the blue glove off and a golden wedding band came out...
Greenville Gets A Theme Song – Your Town Thursday
This was an especially fun one to do, because there was SO much participation from the local "peeps".  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the "background work". Without further adieu, I present my attempt at giving Greenville, NY a song.  (L…
Hero Comes Home
A local family is counting their many blessings this Christmas as a local soldier comes home after a long journey.  While many people are wishing for giant gifts under the tree, you could say that Santa, with some help from up above, has already given the McDermott family the greatest gift of a…