Airline Makes Christmas Dreams Come True [Watch]
I'm sitting at my desk sobbing at this video!  I love Christmas, and this is why!
WestJet Airlines set up Santa stations at two different airports and while passengers were in the air, teams of elves shopped for what they wished for!  Tears and fake snow were added, and we're left…
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs
Christmas shopping for your family members is hard enough, but when you add the stress of having to buy a gift for your PET, it gets worse!  Thankfully, Funny Fur has released for us a holiday list of the Top 10 gifts for dogs! Phew!
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas [SURVEY]
I was reading the results of a recent survey and it said that most women want jewelry as a present this Valentine's Day. The only other thing on the survey to get a double digit percentage was flowers and chocolate. That got me wondering, what is it that women really want for V day...
Gift Card Or Real Gift – Sean And Richie Poll
It's a simple question.  Shouldn't take long to take this very scientific Sean and Richie Poll.  Since I'm conducting it, maybe we can call it the 'Lou Hairless Poll'. We had the debate in the studio between songs about giving gift cards versus a 'real gift', you know a tangible item. We talked abou…

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