Would You Eat At Restaurant Next to a Dog Kennel?
It's an age old question. Would you eat at restaurant that was directly next to a 24 hour dog kennel? Okay, maybe it's not an age old question but it's definitely a question that some are faced with regarding a restaurant in Saratoga. Maybe they combine and give everyone a real doggy …
More Dog Food Recalled In NY
Our pets are very important to us and it's important to keep take care of them and pay attention to what kind of food we give our furry friends. Especially if it is being recalled for  contaminants or poison.
What Food Do You Associate With Upstate NY?
If you haven't heard, I'm not from around these parts. I hail from from the mitten state, Michigan. Believe me, we have our own weird sayings and special foods. I'm curious, what are some foods that are associated with the Capital Region?

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