Get Make-Up & Skincare for Less Near Albany
If you've always looked at the celebs and wondered how they have such great skin tone and get long-lasting coverage, you don't need to wonder any longer.  Many of the brands of make-up they use on a daily basis are accessible right here in the Capital Region
Where You Can Find A Pair of Uggs [Sponsored Post]
We sure are getting spoiled rotten with this weather lately.  I can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st and we still have only had snow, once!  I don't think we are going to be fortunate to avoid the artic blast.  Those winter coats, mittens and hats will need the dust s…
The Many Shades of Uggs [Sponsored Post]
Ugg boots are back this season, just like last year and the year before.  If you aren't familiar with the history of Uggs, they started off years ago with their "classic" style and colors.
The Many Dresses of Carrie Underwood on the CMAs
I have to admit I didn't catch the Country Music Awards (CMAs) in its entirety and was pretty bummed.  However, I must say that the large portion I did see, there were many beautiful country music artists decked out some pretty outstanding and fashionable attire.
I’ve Been Invited To A Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
So my buddy Matt is a holiday junky! If Christmas was a drug he would be in rehab and I love the guy for it. He even has a company that specializes in hanging your decorations "The Christmas Guys". So I have to tell you I was not surprised when I got a invitation to a Christmas party from …
Find the Right Jeans for You in Albany
It really stinks when you are in desperate need of a new pair of jeans or a certain style and it's absolutely impossible to find 1) a pair you like, and 2) a pair that actually looks good on you.

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