Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger on Facebook
Isn't it incredible the relationships built on social sites? I always love when someone sends me a Facebook friend request and I get to know them over time and then when I meet them in person, I feel like I've known them my whole life.
How To Prepare Your Facebook Page For The 2016 Elections
Facebook can be a great place where you can connect with friends and family. But, then there are those certain friends who love to use Facebook as their platform for political mudslinging. There are small tweaks you can make to Facebook to keep your news feed from getting big time irritating once th…
Man Gets Charged After Messing With Red Light Cameras [VIDEO]
I am not a fan of red light cameras just like everyone else, but this guy takes it to another level. I think they are just a revenue generator for towns, but that is my own personal opinion. This guy had an issue with the red light cameras in his town because (at least in the video) he feels like it…

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