A Peak Inside Our Listeners’ Lives
You've all seen the thing going around on Facebook where someone asks their friends to post the 9th or 12th photo on their phone, right?
Well, this morning Marissa and I thought it would be super fun to ask our listeners, (a.k.a. our friends) to post the 7th picture (get it, 7, cause 107...
What Would You Win an Gold Olympian Medal For? [POLL]
I watch these Olympic sports and I get jealous.
My asthma doesn't allow a lot of cardio in my life. Don't get me wrong, I've played softball forever at this point, even when it wasn't easy to breathe. But alas, I'm not Olympian worthy.
It did get me thinking though.
‘GNA Nation: Please Help Us Find Pizza Steve
So if you listen to The Sean and Bethany Show at all, I'm sure you've heard Sean and I do "Missed Connections".
Wellllll, it seems we have become little Capital Region Matchmakers!  And so, one of our listeners has reached out for help!
Countryfest is surely a perfect …
Negative Nancy’s on Social Media Got Ya Down?
I've been noticing, more so lately than any time before negative posts like cray-cray. When social media began to form in the early 2000s, it was to reconnect people, share what you have going on, thoughts, pictures, a lot of (annoying) surveys, etc. Somewhere along the way it's lost that …

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