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Eric Church Features Exclusive Boot Line
Eric Church is offering fans attending his "Outsiders" tour a special treat.  He's selling an exclusive line of Lucchese boots at each show, but you can only get them if you buy a VIP ticket, or purchase a VIP upgrade.
You can find how to upgrade at Eri…
ToC Encore: Who Is Eric Church?
On stage, Eric Church plays with fire -- literally. He shouts and cusses, and gestures to band mates to get them riled up. He'll pump a fist and point at the crowd like an angry football coach. The 'The Outsiders' singer forever seems one wrong word away from raging, and his fans love…
Taste of Style – Tight T-Shirts Make Summertime Hotter
Sometimes a country boy (or girl) chooses comfort over classy. With temps pushing 90 across much of the country, this was the week to stay cool in country music with fitted T-shirts! Between scoop necks, graphic tees, plain and chest-hugging tees -- there was a lot to look at.
Eric Church Fights Back Against Ticket Scalpers
I noticed on our Facebook page this morning, a woman was complaining that tickets to the Luke Bryan concert at SPAC were sold out on Live Nation's website, but she has seen tickets for sale on third party sites like for $500 and more...

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