7 or 8 Easiest Jobs In the World [AUDIO]
This morning on the show we talked about an article I saw on Yahoo.com It's hard to believe that people can actually make pretty good money doing things like sleeping or watching TV but yes the jobs are out there. A couple of the jobs seem like they would be impossible to actually get but a few…
Text Messages Becoming Convenient for Calling in Sick
Text messaging seems to be the way of the future.  If you don't know how to text message, then you are way behind the times.  Now, it's even being used for employees to call in sick to their employer and is proving to be even more convenient.
Guys-It’s Now Officially A Woman’s World!
Hey, it was nice while it lasted.  Male domination, male chauvinism, that feeling of superiority that we all felt for the past couple of centuries. Well, guys.  It's over!   Everybody grab a geeeeetar and start singing "The Times They Are A-Changin'"!