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Giants Fire Coach; Owner Furious About Eli Benching
Remember when people were talking about the the Giants as a possible Super Bowl contender? My how the mighty have fallen.  An underachieving team, lack of discipline, and the benching of Eli Manning all led to the firing this morning of New York Giants head coach Bob McAdoo.
Eli Scamming
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is being accused of a scheme that involved giving "fake" game worn helmets to collectors. They sell this stuff for huge money, and for the life of me I've never understood why people buy it!
Eli Manning Held His Own On Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
For his whole life Eli Manning has been compared to his older brother Peyton. Eli and Peyton both had outstanding college football careers and both have Super Bowl rings (Eli-2/Peyton-1). However it seems no matter what Eli does he is not as good as Peyton in anyone's mind. So I had high hopes …
Super Bowl 46 Could Define Eli Manning’s Legacy
This Super Bowl has me almost as excited as if my beloved Raiders were in it. There are so many great story lines. Will Tom Brady cement his legacy as on of the greatest of all time? Will the Patriots avenge their loss in Super Bowl 42? Will the Giants defensive line control this game? The story tha…