Does Not Voting Make Me A Bad Person? – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
I have a timely dilemma for you guys. My husband and I have been having a re-occurring argument lately, about voting.
I have no interest in voting this year. Yes, I have voted in the past and I do feel it is an important way to be part of the governmental process...
What Country Music Singer Would You Want As President? [POLL]
Today we were talking on the air about the debates, Taylor Swift and the safety of our youth, clearly three things completely related to each other. It did get me thinking, actually I think it was Richie who first said it, "What country singer would you want to run for President?&…
Donald Trump For President? (AUDIO)
Simple question.  Do you think "The Donald" will actually run in 2012?  Could he actually win?  And would a campaign jingle help him?  Well, I'm here to help (whether he wants it or not!!)