Follow Obama’s Albany Visit Via Twitter
President Obama is in the Albany area today and you can follow along on Twitter via hastag #obama518 - a lot of people complaining about the traffic but others commenting on Air Force One.
President Obama Albany Visit: Gives Congress To-Do List
UPDATE @ 1:48:
President Obama, after speaking for 22 minutes, has left the podium at UAlbany. He spoke of the tremendous growth we've had here in the Albany area and his vision for seeing that happen in every American city. He spoke about jobs and creating them - and bringing jobs back home from ove…
A New Way To Shop At Walmart
I saw something very interesting the other night that I think many of you might like.  Walmart is changing their on line shopping policy by adding a cash option.  Cash!  Online!
Texas City Manager Fires Himself
Over the last few years we have all lived through some bad economic news in one way or another. Hopefully, things are starting to turn around, and in some areas the economic picture beginning to look a little brighter, but certainly not everywhere. Budgets continue to be tight in a tough economy (es…

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