More Dog Food Recalled In NY
Our pets are very important to us and it's important to keep take care of them and pay attention to what kind of food we give our furry friends. Especially if it is being recalled for  contaminants or poison.
Help! My Dog is Fat
We adopted Tika from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society about a year ago.  She's a puggle and when we brought her home she was about 10 pounds overweight... Which at 31 pounds was quite a bit!
We put her on a normal diet, not too strict, but no extras...
Here’s What Your Dog Is Dreaming About When She’s Sleeping
My dog is pretty much sleeping all the time, you know when she's not eating or scratching herself.
And, sometimes I wonder what she's dreaming about when she moans or squeals or rolls over and smiles.
Well, according to an evolutionary psychologist from Harvard, when your dog is sleeping, th…
Awwwwww! Look at Dierks Bentley’s New Puppy! [Watch]
You know how his beloved doggie Jake passed away in July and the country music community mourned with Dierks Bentley?  Well, the family has decided to welcome another dog into their home.
Mostly because Jake's dog-brother George was really lonely...

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