NY Mental Health Awareness Plates [PIC]
Mental health issues are a growing concern all over the country. Now mental health programs are hoping to raise awareness through the New York state Department of Motor Vehicles.
The DMV Says This Is The Most Popular Vehicle In New York State
Popular Mechanic discovered something about New Yorkers. They learned we know how to roll in style. They combed through the Department of Motor Vehicle records to see what vehicle was registered more than any other for each state. Guess what? The most registered vehicle in the state of New York…
A Mindboggling Experience At the Saratoga County DMV
It happens to the best of us - sometimes when you least expect it.  Your license needs renewing.  It's a task I, like so many of you despise.   I had to go there because I needed to take an eye test, so up the Northway I went to the Clifton Park DMV.  I even brought my stres…