“Bad” Foods That ARE Good For You
Like many pre-conceived notions, you are told to avoid something, such as a particular food, because it is bad for you.  However, we are slowly learning, and I emphasize "slowly," that many things aren't bad for you in small doses.
Five Chores That Burn Calories While You Clean
We all worry about weight gain. Clearly, I don't worry enough to stop drinking the kinds of things that have expanded my mid section,  but it's not like I don't know I have to figure out a way to keep it in check. I don't know about you but I am just not a fan of going to the gym these days. It's ha…
Eat Your Way Slim With Soup
If you worried about bathing suit weather now that June is here, then pick yourself up some soup at the grocery store -- it will help you slender out your body and get you ready for those sun bathing and swimming days ahead.