National Eat What You Want Day!
I love food, which is good I need it to survive, but my problem is that I love all of the food that's not good for me. Luckily today is "National Eat What You Want" Day and I may partake and worry about it tomorrow, it doesn't happen to be "Magically Lose 10 Lbs …
What Did I Just Eat?! If You Like Sweets, You Might Like This
This past Saturday, I had event after event. It was a long day, but at the final event, I was given a treat! Here's the thing though, I saved it for today because I knew it would brighten up my Monday. The big question is would I actually like this "different" concoction.
TCBY Frozen Yogurt Comes to Albany
I remember when I was younger, I would go shopping with my Mom at Stuyvesant Plaza and we would always stop at TCBY Frozen Yogurt.  It short of became a ritual for outings/shopping with Mom and is one of the fondest childhood memories I have of spending time with her.