Is Over 40 Too Late To Find Mr. Right? – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
I am jealous of those getting married. Not so much those who are older and getting married, but the younger people. I just found out a former coworker who's 28 is getting married. I know I should have considered this when I was younger and there were marriagea…
Torn Between Two Lovers – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
This girl I've been with off and on now for about 12 years now has abandoned me in our relationship while I was a patient at a psychiatric hospital. I found out later that she used my debit card and spent about 100 dollars on foolish purchases as well as my fo…
Is 13 Too Young For A Supervised Movie Date? – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
A couple of nights ago, I let my 13 year old son go on a supervised (by me) "movie date". I mentioned on Facebook how proud I was that he was such a gentleman and opened doors for her etc. I was shocked at some of the comments I got from other people saying th…
Top 5 Airports to Find Love
I saw a headline this morning, “Top 5 Airports for Love”.  I thought, wow, people are meeting in the bars or on flights and falling in love. That’s cool!  But I was wrong!!

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