22 Rejected Anniversary Card Messages For My Lover
It's my Wedding Anniversary today and my husband and I are celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss.  We have been together for 16 years now!  It's still hard to believe!
We have two beautiful kids, Madelyn,7, and Turner, 2, and no, there won't be any more...
Wonder-Web Wednesday – – Mindblowingly Good!
Bub and I wasted so much time last night on  I went to bed so much later than I should have!  Because this website is so fun and cool!
GeoGuessr gives you a random satellite image of a road somewhere in the world and you have to try to guess where it is...
A Must Watch Video for Moms Who Need a Laugh [Video]
I think I have a new bestie on youtube, and she doesn't even know it!
One of my friends shared this video on Facebook this morning and I had to watch it!  And I'm glad I did!
It captures the real way you feel as a busy mom who wants to hang out with a friend who happens to be child-less…

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