customer service

The Staff At Proctors Go Above And Beyond
Lately I have been all about stories of people doing good things. I think we as a society are deluged by negative stories and I would love to turn the tide if even just a little. In the midst of the tragedies and crime that I realize have to be reported on , I think it's important that we remind our…
When Should You Complain & When Should You Let It Go
With a relatively nice day and the time change yesterday, I slept in a little late, met some friends and went to Saratoga to walk around and grab lunch.  In case you have never been to downtown Saratoga, there are numerous boutiques and shops to either window shop or browse, including…
How To Battle Customer Service
You know what I hate?! I hate that customer service is a huge hassle! Do you think I don’t know you make it tough in hopes I’ll give up and go away? Well I will not!