Congrats NFL! No Arrests for a Whole Month!
As I write this, I'm almost certain that I'll get myself into trouble... maybe with a family member, maybe with my husband, maybe with my co-host... maybe with you!
But I feel moved to share a couple of my thoughts on crime and the NFL.
You, see, no one in the NFL was arrested in September, …
A Little Boy’s Heartwarming Blue Friday Poster
We had a fantastic morning at the Hannaford Supermarkets on Wolf Road in Colonie for our Blue Friday fundraiser.   I tried to take some photos, but I was a little busy. However this one was my personal favorite, and I think it speaks volumes
How Life Would Suck Without Cops
This has been a year of much criticism toward law enforcement.  I don't want to get too deep into this but on the same token,  I got thinking how life would be without the folks in blue.  Think about it for a second.

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