Win Countryfest 2017 Tickets All This Week, Here’s How…
Every morning this week Sean and Bethany will be giving away tickets to Countryfest 2017!
You can tune in to win "Countryfest Card Karaoke" at -
7:40 on Monday
6:40 on Tuesday
8:40 on Wednesday
6:20 on Thursday
7:20 on Friday
The headliners for Countryfest 2017 are Randy Houser and Justin…
Countryfest 2017 Weekend Playlist to Get You Pumped Up
Sean & Bethany announced Countryfest 2017 on Friday morning and as we lead up to the on-sale of the tickets for this coming Friday, January 13th (a special GNA Fanatics pre-sale will be on Thursday!) I thought it would be fun to put together a hit list of the line up we know so far!
Excited for Countryfest 2017? Me Too! Here’s Why…
It may be winter, but there's that feeling in the air.
You can almost hear the sounds of excited country fans across the Capital Region, each bursting with smiles and topped with a cowboy hat ready to party and sing along the day away.
The announcement of
Take This Quiz to See How ‘Capital Region’ You Are
This morning on The Sean and Bethany Show we took your calls to help us make a list of all of the different things that people must do in the Capital Region.
I'm turning it into a challenge!  Give yourself one point for every one of the things on this list that you've done, then post y…

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