Fourth Graders Skipped the Bus for a Firetruck To Get To School
I remember when I was in elementary school, we had a reading competition. I think it was a "turn off the tv" type of thing. The goal was to get so many hours by the students and if we hit said goal, our principal at the time would kiss a pig. It seems so silly now, but as a kid under 10, I…
These Beer Brands Will Make You Feel Instantly Cool
Don't be seen with a peasant beer in your hand at the bar this summer... or ever!
A new study figured out the top 10 beers people drink just to look cool.
Beers were rated on things like their impression of the brand, the quality, the reputation, and how willing they are to recommend it...
Wonder-Web Wednesday – – Mindblowingly Good!
Bub and I wasted so much time last night on  I went to bed so much later than I should have!  Because this website is so fun and cool!
GeoGuessr gives you a random satellite image of a road somewhere in the world and you have to try to guess where it is...