My Roommate’s Boyfriend Eats All Our Food! – Daily Dilemma
The "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show is featured every weekday morning at 6:40am. We and the listeners take on someone's problems and try to offer different perspectives. Now, these don't have to be huge problems- it could just be something bothering you or a friend, or it could…
One Houston Family : $1.5M In College Costs
Not lying.  The Ostrofsky's  of Houston, Texas made a promise to their five kids - they would have no student loans to pay off.  These parents may be eating their words (and lots of  macaroni and cheese dinners) real soon.
UAlbany and Siena Will Continue Basketball Rivalry
It was announced today that we will see at least four more years of the crosstown rivalry Men's Basketball  game between the UAlbany Great Danes and the Siena Saints. According to the Times Union, the schools have agreed on a contract that will run throught the 2014-2015 season.
Porn Crop Circles at New Zealand College [PG 13]
Warning, images of cartoon- like private areas ahead. Do not continue to read this story if you are a child or easily offended. Thank you.
Funny thing happened on the way to Google Maps. Aparently, Fairfield College in New Zealand has a distiction they really didn't want...

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