The Most Popular Christmas Songs Of 2012
Did you enjoy hearing your favorite Christmas songs on the radio in 2012? Looking at Billboard's holiday charts for Christmas Week 2012, it is simply amazing that some songs released 50-70 years ago are still charting on modern radio.
How Do You Prepare Christmas Dinner? [POLL]
Christmas Day is almost upon us and for some people it will be a day where some families get together for a big dinner later that night. A scene from Christmas Vacation comes to mind when I think about that. In my family we do things different. We basically cook up a bunch of finger foods like chick…
Christmas Sweaters – The Louder The Better
The loud Christmas sweater is a tradition of both pride and guts! You have to have both to pull off the look each and every year. Bill Cosby made the loud sweater famous on "The Cosby Show", but I am sure we all have had relatives or even ourselves that have made his sweaters look …
Top 5 Christmas Movies — Scott’s Favorites [VIDEOS]
We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Everyone is out Christmas shopping, Holiday songs are on the radio and many of the television networks are breaking out the Christmas movies. There are a ton of great one's to choose from and here are just a few of mine.  See if you agr…

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