WGNA Honored For St. Jude’s Hospital Fundraising
In your career, there are a few things you strive for.  For me, it’s to entertain my listeners, make them laugh, think and bring attention to the important things going on around us. We do community fundraisers, concerts and contests…all of which bring happiness to the li…
Alert The Media – SAM SUNG Is Leaving Apple!
No, no - that's not the COMPANY Samsung.  That's a PERSON.  His name is really Sam Sung, and he's decided to leave his job.  But in the interest of good humor (and charity) he's doing something really nice with his business card and shirt
Top-5 Reasons You Must Take Friday, August 15 Off From Work
You may have heard that the 15th Annual Sean and Richie Golf Tournament is now on a FRIDAY, sponsored by my friends at Mohawk Honda! Now, what could be better than taking a 3-day weekend in the middle of August and starting it out with a round of golf with a great friend, an incredible lunch at Stad…

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