Where’s All the Music Hiding in the Capital Region?
You hear a song on the radio and it's a few years old, but you can't get enough. I mean, it is technically new, new to you! So, you head out into the Capital Region to go and purchase the cd only to come up empty handed. I know what you're thinking, "Marissa, this is why
Albany Area CD And Record Shops
After Richie Phillips and I expressed our feelings about missing the days of browsing through Compact Discs, we thought it would be nice to remind music lovers in the Albany Area about a few shops still offering the experience of shopping for CDs and Records.
Does Anyone Else Miss CDs?
Richie Phillips recently wrote an article that reflects exactly how I feel about one of my favorite past times, browsing through CDs!  As a music lover, of all genres, I always enjoyed skimming the CD racks at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, FYE, Strawberries, Best Buy and the Virgin mega-store, a …